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Are ISPs 'Web Wise' or just bad Phorm?

How would you like it if someone opened all your mail & read it, then posted you junk mail based on what they've read?

Dont like it? Too bad, its happening, not in your mail office but three ISPs are considering using a company called Phorm to record internet browsing habits with target advertising based on profiling. BT conducted secret trials in 2006 without customers consent. Worried? should be, so please read on..

Latest news - BT abandon immediate roll out of Phorm monitoring system - but state: "we don't have immediate plans to deploy Webwise today. However, the interest-based advertising market is extremely dynamic and we intend to monitor Phorm's progress before finalising our plans," so in other words, theyve shelved it, please try to convince them to dump it altogether.

The European Commission have launched infraction proceedings against the UK for failing correctly to implement European privacy law, my personal thanks to Viviane Reding for taking up this important matter which could ultimately affect all UK broadband users.

ISPs who adopt this are putting profits before the interest of their customers privacy & are selling Internet your browsing habits to a marketing company called Phorm, formerly known as 121Media whos past origins were associated with spyware. Phorm is run by a Russian by the name of Kent Ertegrul ...

As you browse the web, Phorm collects & profiles your data then sends targeted adverts to your browser...

BT - shelved British telecommunications provider BT PLC is indefinitely shelving plans to target online advertising to individual customers by using Web monitoring techniques that have drawn privacy complaints. They should dump it permamnetly.
Talk Talk - dumped Broadband provider TalkTalk has become the latest broadband provider to pull out of an agreement which would have seen it work with advertising company Phorm.
Virgin Media - undecided Virgin Media said it hasn't ruled out adopting controversial new online advertising technology, but said it would communicate openly with its customers before any decision is taken. So according to VM its up to the customers.

According to this website Phorm gets to see absolutely everything in your browser window, the only exception is encrypted pages, according to them. So that includes your webmail as well according to the site. Weve been advising people not to use webmail for a long time, so for all those using BTs webmail, perhaps you may take notice now...

Well lets just say it loud and clear, thats one dam good reason if ever I saw one to run a mile from webmail & run a mile from any ISP that partakes in this misadventure into selling what should be private.

At least one policy group is claiming the acquisition of data in such a manner by Phorm is illegal, heres the legal stuff

We believe it is wrong to offer or sell private data in such a way & urge anyone with any sense to move away from any ISP associated with Phorm regardless of their opt in or opt out policy. BT lied to customers regarding secret trials carried out with Phorm, this certainly makes me feel they have something to hide. But whos to say that customers wont be lied to again?

Dont take our word for it, follow these links and decide: Phorm edits its own Wikipedia reference

The Information Commission Office statement please contact them and express your concern

Thanks to all who signed the governments petition, over 15,000 intelligent web users signed Theres an opportunity to sign a new petition here

Please also write to your MP and protest about this serious breech of privacy, it wont even cost you a stamp

Move ISP to contact BT on-line or call 0800 328 6738 request a Migration Authorisation Code MAC code and signup elsewhere - we find IDNet are very good

Finally, Phorm can be controlled to a small degree with the dephormation add on to Fire Fox another good reason to use Fire Fox

A very big NO to Phorm & any associated ISP and those considering it...

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