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Antivirus advice

We strongly recommend all our clients use either:

ESET Smart security for personal use & small businesses or Sophos Antivirus for larger enterprises

We install & configure the software to provide you maximum protection


  • Depending on the size of your business, a virus infection could cost anything from £2000 upwards in lost productivity, downtime and recovery
  • Your customers may also be affected if the virus outbreak spreads to them and their confidence in your organisation lost
  • Approximately 1 in 50 E-mails has a virus so if you get 20 e-mails a day you risk a virus infection about twice a week. During most virus outbreaks this ratio is a lot lower & hence risk is much higher.
  • Viruses can also be spread by compromised web sites distributing malware & Trojans
  • Malware authors are using more sophisticated methods of infection - for example by exploits in Adobe PDF & shockwave files
General advice
  • Use the best virus checker you can afford and update it daily - out of date anti virus software is useless - update Sophos here
  • Be aware that viruses may exploit open ports such as 444 by blaster and are transmitted by other means than e-mail
  • Do not install peer file sharing software such as Limewire or Kazaa, as these allow uncontrolled access to your computer
  • Antivirus software alone may not be sufficient - consider using a good malware/spyware program as well
  • Treat unfamiliar e-mail with suspicion, particularly from an unknown sender with a message of a personal nature
  • Do not pass on warnings about viruses, most are false and/or contain incorrect advice, verify them here.
  • Use a firewall, with ADSL a router with a firewall and NAT translation is essential
  • Visit the Microsoft web site and download the latest security fixes for Internet Explorer in particular as its a security disaster! FireFox is a better browser.
  • Use a spam filter on your domain or a product like Mail Washer Pro to blow away spam and reduce the e-mail being processed before delivery
  • Consider using a secure web browser such as Opera or Firefox they are less vulnerable to exploits than Internet Explorer
  • For further information visit our security page
Server side - but some also be relevant to standalone
  • Block potentially hostile attachments such as .com .bat .pif .scr & .txt many of which are used for virus delivery
  • Deny access to Kazaa and web sites offering similar peer file sharing services
  • Use a hardware firewall (ie sonicwall), mandatory if you have a fixed IP address or run a VPN
  • Consider the excellent Arxceo Ally to defend your network
  • If you run a network consider deploying a multi tiered solution
  • Scan outgoing as well as incomming mail to prevent an internal outbreak spreading to customers or clients
  • Educate end users, if they do get a virus dont make a fuss or make them feel embarrassed, it may be your fault anyway
  • Allow users to use their corporate e-mail account for personal use, this is more secure than Hotmail blowing a hole in your defences
  • Finally visit the Microsoft web site and download the latest security fixes for Internet Explorer in particular, the latest patches for Blaster