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Spam or junk e-mail is a world wide problem which according to Bill Gates in 2004, spam would be fixed by 2006, wrong again Mr Gates. According to recent research, spam now forms around 90% of all e-mail. As too many amateur administrators present exploits for spammers in the form of open mail relays, and with on line fraud increasing, spam will continue to spiral out of control.

When it's unsolicited mail, it's purely Spam, an unwanted nuisance to the recipient. Because it forces the recipient to assume the cost of receiving, storing and dealing with the unwanted advert it is also a theft of the unwilling recipient's time and resources.

Its easy to fight back today by installing & using Mailwasher Pro!


You are just a few clicks away from fighting back against spam with MailWasher Pro an easy to configure program which reads the headers in your POP3 mailbox. Use it with any mail program including POP3, IMAP, AOL, MSN & Hotmail to configure friends, mail bouncing and blacklists with ease, wipe out the spam and collect the mail you want!

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Buy Mailwasher Pro for around £22.00 or $37.00 and pay in your own currency

You can also use MailWasher Pro with SpamCop reporting - obtain an account here

MailWasher Pro now has built-in Intelligence that learns and adapts over time!


  • Spam costs you and your business time and money spent in administering it
  • Excessive spam ties up your mail server and increases exposure to virus or phishing attack
  • A large proportion of spam is offensive and inappropriate
  • Spam is often sent by organisations acting illegally or fraudulently
  • Microsoft (foolishly) predicts in 2004 that spam wont be a problem by 2006? - wrong again Bill
  • SPF Sender Policy Framework is a broken technology 34% of spam passes SPF

We Advise:

  • If you host your domain with us an Advanced mailbox provides the first layer of protection against spam & viruses
  • An Advanced mailbox used with Mail Washer Pro provides an additional layer of defence! an excellent well tried solution
  • Do not respond to spammer's email, it will just confirm your e-mail address
  • Do not click through 'unsubscribe' links in spam - this just confirms your address is real and some download Trojans
  • NEVER purchase from spammer's mail, if no one bought anything Spam would not be commercially viable
  • If the sender is unknown or the mail looks suspicious in its formatting or content, delete it as it may contain a virus
  • Avoid using your e-mail address as mailto links in web pages where it may be harvested - obfuscate your address
  • Use a throwaway hotmail address for use with fill in forms if you think your address may be abused
  • Don't mail to large groups of people as it reveals all recipients who may be added to a spammer's list - use the BCC

Spam links:

These provide useful information along with DNS services to use with dynamic filtering which Mailwasher pro can use in 'origins of spam' settings to query their blacklists

  • Spamhaus project use
  • CBL Composite Blocking List use
  • A full list of spam blockers