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Flexible Broadband Services from Eclipse Internet - ISPA awarded: Best business broadband provider 2003

Enregistrée en France - N Gillam - Siret No: 788 771 824 00012
Connect with IDNET Internet for speed, reliability and support...

If you need fast, reliable Internet access with first class support along with:

  • No port blocking
  • No traffic shaping
  • No profiling
  • Fast connection
  • Excellent support

IDNET delivers on time

We placed an order and 5 days later our service was transferred, with no problems & exactly to schedule

IDNET delivers support

We had one question regarding service, our call was answered quickly & handled very professionally

IDNET delivers good quality service

When ordering, the signup procedure stated we would get around 6Mb/s service & we got exactly that, a big improvement in speed compared to our last provider


Are one of the highest rated ISPs in the UK for speed, reliability & customer service - compare results here

If you are not happy with your current provider

Then check your agreement with them & call to request a MAC code and transfer to IDNET with minimal fuss, IDNET offer 1 month contract so sign up with confidence...

If you require a professional installation for your home or business

We install & configure your router, take a backup of the settings, check your line is performing correctly then test your security we also provide sound advice on Internet security gained over many years experience, please contact us

Basic requirements:

  • You need a BT analogue telephone line, not a BT ISDN line or line from another provider
  • Your local telephone exchange should now be converted and you need to live within range of the signal
  • Your telephone line can be used for speech if micro filters are fitted, an NTE-5 filtered faceplate is desireable
  • Some older fax machine may not work with ADSL so check with your manufacturer to be sure
  • Allow about 5 working days to complete your order & you will be informed by e-mail on completion
  • Please read any T&Cs carefully on signup

Technical stuff:

  • IDNET provide 1 fixed IP address for business customers
  • 512 Kb/s Service. There is now no upper limit and BT will try and make it work on any line if possible.
  • 1000 Kb/s or 1Meg services - less than 60 dB - less than 6.0 K from exchange
  • 2000 Kb/s or 2Meg services - less than 45 dB - less than 3.5 K from exchange
  • And line capacitance <160nf
  • Check the SLA if you depend on ADSL for your business - 99% availability may not be good enough!
  • Consider a contention ratio of 20:1 for business use if there are several users sharing the line, otherwise 50:1 is fine
  • Opt for a static (fixed) IP address if you are a gamer, run a web cam or want to deploy a VPN
  • Use a router (as opposed to an ADSL Modem) - a router offers better security & some 'free' modems can be problematical
  • Use a firewall, such as Zone Alarm, McAfee Norton Internet Tools for personal use, if you run a business consider a hardware one as well
  • If you run a VPN into your LAN consider a hardware firewall such as the Netgear VPN, Sonic Wall etc
  • Test your firewall using GRC here and our security page also has some guidance
  • Pay attention to security patches from Microsoft and apply accordingly if you run Windows
  • For other FAQs see this primer in The ADSL Guide
  • Finally, dont be complacent regarding security, see our security pages and check it if you dont, you may be comprimised


  • BT are assoicated with Phorm who serve up targeted adverts based on browsing habits
  • Be aware that BT may charge an extra £10 a month for the BT 'business support pack' which should be free
  • Be aware that a BT engineers visit may cost you £164.00 if the problems lies on 'your side' of the NTE-5 faceplate
  • We therefore strongly recommend you avoid BT

Take care:

  • 'Special offers' require very careful consideration, particularly those from BT where terms and conditions with low ie 5Gb/month limit and 12 months contract will apply.
  • Any free hardware supplied will also be subject to T&Cs
  • Avoid BT, Virgin & TalkTalk who are associated with Phorm - at least Talk Talk do have an opt out.